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Good Omens Fancast 

Aziraphale // Richard Ayoade
Crowley // Sendhil Ramamurthy
Anathema Device // Oona Chaplin
Newton Pulsifer // Colin Morgan
Shadwell // Dylan Moran

This post was the most perfect Aziraphale & Crowley casting headcanon I’ve seen and it got me thinking about my Good Omens fancast again! (WIP)
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Title: Help I'm Alive

Artist: Metric

Played: 24155 times
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"I wasn’t lucky enough to have ever found what I wanted to do. Don’t get me wrong— I did nicely. But I never found my passion."


"I wasn’t lucky enough to have ever found what I wanted to do. Don’t get me wrong— I did nicely. But I never found my passion."

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what if age of ultron is like introducing wanda and pietro and it’s like

"the maximoff twins are mu[cut to another scene]"

and then later there’s a fighting and someone goes

"oh god she’s a m[LOUD EXPLOSIONS]"

and then in the aftermath someone’s like

"so you guys are [CAR HORN]ts huh?"

and it just keeps going through the whole movie

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Five Random Facts 

Got tagged by some loser named twist-the-melon. So have some facts and things.

1. I was a cheerleader from ages 6 - 13. That is somewhere between 1/3rd and 1/4th of my life, which is weird to think about. I wanted to do some sort of activity when I was a kid, and when I was young, I assumed that meant a sport because all my brothers were involved with sports. I tried tee-ball for one year and hated it, but it was through that that I discovered cheerleading at my rec center. I was never good at the gymnastic bits of it. Never did master the art of the somersault, much to my deep shame. (It haunts me still, ngl.) But I loved it all the same. It gave me an excuse to be loud and aggressively happy, both things I liked being when I was a kid. I left it behind when I discovered theater, but I will still fight you if you say that cheerleading isn’t a sport.

2. I knew more great-grandparents in my lifetime than regular grandparents. My parents never explained the “great” concept to me when I was young, so I assumed that their grandparents were also my grandparents. (This also went for cousins and aunts and uncles. My parents are kinda lazy.) My dad’s mom died when I was 3, and I met my mom’s parents a grand total of once, as they’re weird and total assholes. So the only actual grandparent I really had was my dad’s dad, who didn’t pass until last year. But for great-grandparents, I had three, plus a great-aunt and a great-uncle who I always thought of as additional grandparents until I was like 13. I was lucky to have them all, because they were all great in both senses of the world, and I never felt like I was lacking in grandparents.

3. I turned 24 this past Thursday. It was an astonishingly boring birthday. About as boring as this fact, actually.

4.  Ariel was always, always my favorite Disney princess. I had serious ginger affinity, plus I really loved swimming when I was younger. I desperately wanted to be a mermaid. Still do a little bit. I WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO SAYS SHE GAVE UP BEING A MERMAID FOR ERIC, SHE WANTED TO GO ON LAND FOR YEARS BEFORE THAT, NO SERIOUSLY, I WILL DESTROY YOU. 

5. I’ve been to three concerts in the past seven months: Arctic Monkeys in September, The Fratellis in November, and Arcade Fire in March. I’ve been extremely fortunate to see all these acts, as they’re all in the list of my favorite bands and they’re all spectacular live. 

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stop ruining my life please.  ➝ sebastian stan

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do you enjoy playing cap more in modern times or in the origin story?

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Pretty much about my whole life

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someone write me fic where s.h.i.e.l.d. and o2stk call in agents to the same anomaly and coulson and the middleman think the other is just the coolest, most competent guy ever and they find out they’re both card-carrying members of the captain america fanclub and really i just think coulson and mm would be best buddies who text each other about the weird crap they encounter at work

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I know they’re not together yet but a girl can dream :>


I know they’re not together yet but a girl can dream :>

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I need a hug or 6 shots of vodka

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